Telecom Operators Achieve Higher Network Reliability and 60% Lower Maintenance Cost with
Power Agent Systems
The Customer
This Telecom operator has been in business for two decades and acquired most of
its new sites in the Midwest region of the US but has sites in the Southeast as well.

The operator’s residential and business customers rely on consistent uninterrupted
service.  The success of their business depends upon the reliability of the network.

The Challenge
Almost all of the locations are remote and in some instances, during the winter
months, access is  extremely difficult. Prior to the installation of the Power Agent
Systems (PAS) Battery Monitoring System preventive maintenance visits were
scheduled for four times a year and happened at least three times a year.   

Due to the remote nature of the sites, the average labor rates for those PMs were
higher than the industry average of $650 a visit (data point per AT&T Wireless.).

In the four years prior to the installation of the PAS system, this operator suffered
two network outages as a result of an ice storm in the Midwest and a hurricane in
the Gulf Coast Region. Despite regularly scheduled preventive maintenance visits,
inadequate battery back up power compounded network outages by failing to
supply the necessary emergency power when needed.

The System
The operator purchased the PAS system in June of 2007 for installation at all 112
sites. At each site they installed approximately twelve sensors and one controller.  
In total there were 1,344 sensors and 112 controllers.  The typical configuration is
shown in figure 1.1.  Each PAS sensor generates a digitally synthesized sinusoidal
AC test signal (Itest) which is passed through the battery terminals in order to
measure the battery's admittance.  A site controller unit communicates with each of
the sensors to collect these admittance measurements, along with    battery voltage
and post temperature.   

Through our SNMP-based interface the customer is able to easily gather all
necessary information to monitor their batteries and the total system.  In this case,
the customer collects  information regarding admittance, temperature and voltage for
each battery over their own private network.    From this information, the customer
has been able to track overall battery trends and improve inventory management
Two install teams of three employees each were able to install all sites and
complete software integration in approximately four weeks.

The Benefits
The operator initially considered remote battery monitoring as an enhancement to
their then-current preventive maintenance programs.  Since installing the systems,
however, technicians have greatly reduced the number of site visits, relying instead
on the information and alarms generated by the PAS system.
On-site visits are now limited to visual inspections as well as to implement required
maintenance as indicated by the monitoring system. Furthermore, the overall
number of site visits as well as the risk of total network failure has been greatly
reduced. The systems have been running for 18 to 24 months and the ROI analysis
is based on conversations conducted over the course of the sales, installation and
support processes.
Overall the ROI is 11 months, with the annual cost reduction of 60%.  We have
found from the simplicity of the interface as well as the information being easily
gathered and disseminated, the PAS system has changed the nature and value of
battery monitoring.
  • Patented Digital
    Signal Processing
  • Lowest Price Point
    by 35%
  • Most Technically
    Advanced Method
  • Open Standard and
    Open Minded Design
  • Hardware and
    Software Decoupled
  • Most Flexible,
    Scalable, and Easily
    Installed System in
    the Market
Midwestern US Telecom


Sales/Service Area:  
Midwestern and Southeastern

Overall Impact:
  • Reduced battery  power
  • Reduced costs
    associated with battery  
    failures by 60%
  • Provided reliable and
    accessible data  
    regarding battery life,
    admittance and other
    valuable information.
  • ROI was 11 months

Operator Highlights
  • Systems have been
    running for 18-24
  • Since installation of the
    systems, technicians
    have greatly reduced
    the number of site  
  • Technicians rely on the  
    information and alarms
    generated by the PAS
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