Based on advanced patent-pending technology,
the Power Agent Systems' BMS facilitates
seamless integration of battery monitoring into an
enterprise-wide network management fabric.

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is important.

The BMS is the most flexible, scalable, easily
installed and lowest priced system on the market
today.  The central components include the BMS
Sensor, Controller and Interface.  We also offer
two valuable optional enhancements, the
Intelligent Equalization System and the Voltage
Alarm Transponder.

Rather than requiring a customized controller and
endless sensor wires running the length of a
battery string, the Power Agent BMS sensor sits
on top of each battery to provide exact
information on a battery basis.  These sensors
are then daisy-chained together by Ethernet cable
to deliver individual battery-specific information
to the controller, which in turn shares it with the
desired monitoring program.  
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information about the BMS Core Components.

In addition to our dynamic sensors measuring a
battery’s voltage, post temperature, and internal
admittance (the inverse of impedance,) our new
product the Power Agent Systems Intelligent
Equalization System, provides non-intrusive,
predictive test information about each battery's
state-of-health. Using a new patent-applied-for
software algorithm, our sensor can also have the
capability to intelligently manage the float-charge
voltage of its associated battery.  The process
takes advantage of each sensor’s ability to
produce a digitally programmable current in a
battery while simultaneously monitoring the
battery’s voltage.

The Power Agent System's intelligent battery
balancing and charging is a revolutionary new
concept in battery management, and it’s now
available as an optional feature with Power Agent
System’s line of battery monitoring systems or
as a stand alone feature.

No other status monitoring system has all the
advanced features of the Power Agent System,
and no other system can extend battery life and
monitor batteries.
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information about the BMS IES.

The Voltage Alarm Transponder (VAT) is an
(introductory/entry level) battery monitoring
product designed to measure the single most
important indicator of a back up power supply:
string voltage. Installation consists of three
devices which are configured to send an alarm
when that battery string drops below -50VDC or
some other user-defined threshold.  The alarm
can be sent via an SNMP manager or email and
the customer can then view the string via the
browser on the transponder.

This product is the perfect answer for the cost-
conscious manager required to start monitoring
back up power. Designed to fit within the
stingiest budget, the VAT gives you the most
valuable information relevant to your back-back
power supply.  
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information about the BMS VAT
We have proven that only good
information gives the power to the
users who depend on reliable power
supplies.  BMS supplies information
that is easily integrated and controlled
by existing systems or through the
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The Power Agent Battery Monitoring
System's information gives the power
to the user. Some key features of our
products include:
Battery Monitoring System
Patent-Pending Digital Signal

Lowest Price Point by 35%

Most Technically Advanced

Open Minded & Open Standard

Hardware and Software Decoupled

Most Flexible, Scalable, and Easily
Installed System in the Market

Only battery monitoring company
that both monitors batteries and
extends battery life
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