The Power Agent Systems' Environmental
Monitoring System (EMS) extends the high
standard of PAS’ battery monitoring
technology so that operations managers can
keep a watchful eye on their entire network:
HVAC, Security, Humidity, Electronic Access,

The EMS base component is the Contact
Agent, capable of handling up to eight devices
at one time.  The EMS can also incorporate
expansion modules (RIM and ROM) for a cost
effective way to extend this dynamic
technology throughout a secure area or

If the monitoring-enabled device (eg: door
lock, air conditioning unit, sprinkler system,
thermostat, etc.) has a contact closure, our
EMS system can track all the activity and
change which impacts that device.
Furthermore, these reports and alarms can be
sent via an SNMP manager or email and the
customer can then view the string via the
browser on the transponder.
The Power Agent Environmental
Monitoring System is a cost conscience
solution for a single room or an
enterprise-wide deployment.

Due to the low cost and scalable
design, the EMS is the perfect answer
for both fulfilling the need to be budget
minded without compromising
state-of-the-art network monitoring.

Some key features of our products
Environmental Monitoring
Capable of enterprise-wide

Lowest cost device on the market

Highly Scalable and Flexible

Integrates easily into existing

Expands existing systems easily

Does not require certified
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