ContactAgent     Specifications
The Power Agent Systems' ContactAgent is a general purpose
status monitoring agent intended to monitor and control
equipment that has "contact closure" interface points.

The ContactAgent has a general purpose I/O interface
consisting of 8 digital inputs that can be monitored for
external contact closures, 2 controllable relay contact outputs
that can be used to remotely control external equipment and
an RS-485 port that can be programmed to interface with
proprietary serial interfaces. All I/O points are easily
interfaced with individual user-installed wiring via a modular
plug-in terminal block on the unit’s front panel. The unit is
small (8.4” x 4.2” x 1.5”) and can be mounted in virtually any
location. An optional rack-rail mounting bracket facilitates
easy and inconspicuous installation in communications
equipment racks. The monitoring interface is completely user-
programmable and includes provisions to define the normal
state of each input, whether an input generates an alarm when
it is not in the normal state, the normal state of each output,
and unique user-defined labels for each
input and output. The unit is powered from a small AC or DC
wall transformer.

The ContactAgent has an Ethernet network interface and a
built-in SNMP proxy agent that can be used to interface to
virtually any SNMP compliant monitoring software or
network operations center (NOC). The SNMP Proxy
supports SNMP standard and HMS MIBs.

Functionality not presently defined under HMS is available
using a Phoenix Broadband enterprise MIB. HMS Traps are
generated based on alarm conditions defined using the HMS
property MIB. The unit also has a built-in web server which
allows external equipment to be monitored and controlled
from virtually anywhere in the world via the Internet using a
common web browser. An SMTP mail client is also built-in to
the ContactAgent. The mail client can be set up to send alarm
notification to another computer or to a mobile phone when
an alarm occurs.

The ContactAgent firmware is completely downloadable over
the network, facilitating firmware upgrades and feature
enhancements as they become available.
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