Intelligent Equalization Monitoring System
In addition to our core battery monitoring system, Power
Agent Systems provides additional capability for the battery
sensors used in our battery monitoring system. With this
architecture, our sensor now provides non-intrusive,
predictive test information about each battery's state-of-health.
Using a new patent-applied-for software algorithm, our sensor
now has the capability to intelligently manage the float-charge
voltage of its associated battery.

Each of the batteries within a string of batteries is slightly
different, even when they are brand new. These minor
differences cause each battery within a string to charge up to
a different voltage than its peers. The charger unit, which is
connected across the whole string, has no knowledge of what
the state-of-charge of individual batteries is. Consequently, it
has no way to affect their individual state-of charge. The
greater number of batteries that are charged in series, the
harder it becomes to match them and maintain uniform charge
levels. Therefore, there is a high probability that one or more
batteries will remain undercharged or overcharged despite the
fact that the string voltage is correct. These batteries, when
left in an overcharged or undercharged state for long periods
of time, begin to sulphate; which leads to premature loss of
capacity and early failure. This is especially true of batteries
that are subjected to the extreme temperatures of an outdoor

Battery balancing systems are well known for their ability to
extend the life of batteries. Traditional balancing units are
devices which connect to the individual batteries within a
string and manage their state-of-charge by removing charge
from overcharged batteries and putting it into the
undercharged batteries. These devices typically have little or
no intelligence, and provide no remote monitoring information
about how hard they’re working to keep the string balanced.

Intelligent battery balancing and charging is a revolutionary
new concept in battery management, and it’s now available as
an optional feature with Power Agent System’s line of battery
monitoring systems. No other status monitoring system has all
the advanced features of the Power Agent System, and no
other system can extend battery life and monitor batteries.
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