Remote Input Module Specifications
The Power Agent Systems' Remote Input Module, the
RIM-1, is designed to operate in conjunction with
Phoenix Broadband's ContactAgent Monitoring System.
The ContactAgent is a general-purpose monitoring device
that monitors and controls contact-closure events via any
TCP/IP compatible LAN, WAN, or the Internet. The
ContactAgent master unit (Model PBT-CA) has 8 user-
definable contact inputs that can be remotely monitored,
and 2 sets of Form-C contact outputs that can be
remotely controlled. It has a built-in web server for easy
setup and viewing, an SNMP monitoring interface, and
an e-mail system that can send alarms to computers or
mobile phones.

The RIM module is a slave monitoring unit that operates
over the ContactAgent’s RS-485 expansion bus to
expand the number of contact points that can be
monitored. The ContactAgent master unit supplies
operating power and communications signaling for the
RIM over its RS-485 bus using common CAT5/RJ45
interconnect cabling.

Up to 4 RIM modules can be operated in a “daisy-chain”
configuration in conjunction with a single ContactAgent
master unit. Each RIM module provides 6 additional
analog/digital interface points that can be used to monitor
contact closures, logic states, or to measure AC or DC
analog voltages.

A fully-expanded ContactAgent/RIM system can
therefore monitor 8 contact/logic-level inputs (no analog
measurements), plus an additional 24 user-definable
analog, logic-level, or contact inputs.  User-definable
alarm specifications can be applied to each input. The
status of each input for every RIM module on the
ContactAgent’s expansion bus is viewable from the
ContactAgent’s built-in web server, or via SNMP.

RIM modules also contain an internal temperature sensor,
an optional humidity sensor, and an interface to plug in a
low-voltage wall transformer (Model PBT-WT-12) for
measuring and monitoring commercial AC power-line
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