Why Monitor Your Battery Remotely?
The proliferation of high-capacity, high reliability backup power
comes with multiple "costs-of-ownership."  A typical mission-critical
personnel who perform visual inspections, make measurements of
electrical parameters related to "state-of-health" and compile reports
for submission and analysis by network maintenance managers.  

If the battery manufacturer's guidelines for environmental control,
charging rates and regular maintenance are followed, a typical
absorbed mat electrolyte primary cell can be expected to last no
more than 6-10 years, and a multi-cell monobloc can be expected to
last 4-7 years, delivering reliable discharge performance when it is

In practice, however, environments (temperature) can run out of
control, charging circuits are sometimes sub-optimum, and
maintenance schedules are either compromised or eliminated in an
effort to reduce costs.  

In the best cases, regular maintenance and inspections are performed
2-4 times per year, reports are delivered on paper which are seldom
read and is most likely not integrated into an enterprise data-bank,
which could otherwise be mined facilitate pro-active "just-in-time"
maintenance, battery replacement and inventory management.  
Measurement data is very variable from one site visit to the next and
can be affected by the instrument used, the exact points at which the
probes were placed on the battery post the skill level of the
technician.  Consequently, actual battery life and run-time often falls
short of the expectation when the battery was purchased.

Recent developments in "Ohmic AC Measurement" technology have
made it possible to automate the process of collecting and analyzing
important battery performance metrics, delivering consistent and
continuous information in a form that enterprise IT systems can
collect, collate and analyze in order to reduce maintenance visits
while improving network reliability and extending average battery
life, thus lowering operational costs.

Sensor-based testing provides accurate, consistent and trendable
data, which can be analyzed by simple software tools, in order to
spot degradations before they become problems, saving time and
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